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Will it survive the blast test?
Ancloz - Fire Proof Technology - Passive Fire Protection

Ancloz is a premium passive fire protection (flexible and removable fire jacket) that is made from high-grade multicomponent: high-temperature resistant cloths, marine insulation blanket, stainless steel mesh, hydrophobic-microporous insulation material, and stitched with stainless steel thread.

The flexible and removable jacketing system is designed to meet the most demanding specifications in protecting critical equipment such as: valves, actuators, flanges, cable trays, control panels, ESDVs, process vessels and other equipment that requires fire hazard protection.

Ancloz - Fire Proof Technology - Passive Fire Protection
Ancloz - Fire Proof Technology - Passive Fire Protection
Ancloz - Fire Proof Technology - Passive Fire Protection

We provide a complete solution package for passive fire protection to all of our clients from site measurement, technical reviews, design, manufacturing, supply, and installation on site. The enclosure system is designed to fit precisely over the requiring protection, according to the site conditions.



Flexible and removable

International third-party certification

Blast-proof & drag load tested

Optimized design with 3D scan & CAD


Simple Installation

Your Excellent Choice of Passive Fire Protection 

Designed and developed in Singapore, our products are manufactured according to a strict quality control procedure, under the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

The flexible and removable fire jackets has been independently tested by a third party that was appointed by International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and it is certified for use by Lloyd’s & DNV for both the jet-fire and hydrocarbon applications.



  • Protection up to 120 minutes.
  • ISO22899-1: 2007 standards
  • Tested on Tubular, Planar, Corner, and Edges


  • Protection up to 120 minutes
  • UL1709 standards
  • Tested on Valve, Actuator, and  Pipeline components


  • Blast tested to 2.6 barg blast pressure
  • Drag Loading tested to 0.5 barg
  • Approved, and certified
llyod's register certificate
dnv gl certificate
ul 1709 certificate

Customized Specification

We hold a range of tested and proven passive fire protection. The  jet fire and hydrocarbon resistant jacketing systems (flexible and removable fire jacketing) are all unique in their construction and are aimed to meet the demanding specification of your project.

Unlike our competitors, who offer a single tested jacket system for all ratings, we offer custom made fire protection jacket systems, each designed to meet a particular specification. The customization enables us to provide a favourable price across all ratings.



Protecting People, Assets, and Environment

Proven and tested Passive Fire Protection (PFP) System — the fire and blast fire protective jackets which need to withstand hydrocarbon fires or jet fires, have to be tested and rated accordingly to maintain safety for people, assets, and environment. Check out our latest test documentation:

Ancloz Jetflex
– Jet Fire Test

JetFlex – Flexible and removable fire jackets, UK 2018

200 C @120 Minutes

Ancloz Jetflex
– Blast & Drag Load Test

JetFlex – Flexible and removable fire jackets, UK 2018

2.6 Barg Overpressure

0.5 Barg Drag Load


Ancloz - Fire Proof Technology - Passive Fire Protection

Premium Flexible & Removable Fire Jackets Protection

JETFLEX flexible fire-protection jackets provide jet-fire / hydrocarbon fire protection up to 120 mins, and is based on ISO22899-1:2007 standards.

The flexible fire protection jackets are tested on planar, corner/ edges design, pipeline, and certified by Lloyd’s & DNV. The jacket is also tested to UL1709 standards on valve, actuators, and pipeline.


  • International third-party certification
  • Blast-proof & drag load tested
  • Optimized design (3D scan & CAD)
  • Lightweight
  • Simplified installation
Ancloz - Fire Proof Technology - Passive Fire Protection
Ancloz - Fire Proof Technology - Passive Fire Protection

Noise Reduction

The flexible and removable acoustic jacketing system provides thermal Insulation and noise reduction in a single modular solution. The sandwich system comes in several combinations of thermal and acoustic insulation materials, with exterior silicon coated cloth.

The flexible jacket system complies with acoustic standards: ISO 15665, an international standard – with three fulfilled clauses (A, B & C). The system is also tested to NORSOK R004 Class 6, 7 and 8, ASTM E1222 and Shell DEP 31.46.0031.


  • Space optimization
  • Low installation cost
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Buckle, D-Ring, and stainless steel band fixing
Ancloz - Fire Proof Technology - Passive Fire Protection

High Temperature Personnel Protection

The flexible insulation jacket is manufactured to client’s design specification. The design could be in the different type of shapes, such as flat type, D-design, and cylindrical construction.

It maintains the temperature and is personal protection against high-temperature equipment.


  • Lightweight
  • Weather resistance
  • Durable and extremely versatile
  • Personnel protection
  • Comply with safety requirements
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